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From Karl Iagnemma, recipient of the Paris Review Plimpton Prize, comes a fierce and gorgeous story of an estranged father and sonís unlikely journey though the wilderness of nineteenth-century America.

The year is 1844. Sixteen-year-old runaway Elisha Stone is in Detroit, a hardscrabble frontier town on the edge of the civilized world. A canny survivor with the instincts of a born naturalist, Elisha signs on to an expedition into Michiganís vast, uncharted Upper Peninsula. The party is led by two charismatic adventurers: Silas Brush, a ruthless, land-grabbing ex-soldier, and George Tiffin, a quixotic professor desperate to discover proof of his unorthodox theories about the origins of man.

On the eve of the expeditionís departure, Elisha pens a heartfelt letter to his mother in Newell, Massachusetts. But it is Elishaís estranged father, the Reverend William Edward Stone, who opens the envelope. Grief-stricken by the recent death of his wifeóa death Elisha could not have known aboutóReverend Stone is jolted into action: he must find his son.

What follows is a powerful narrative about the complex love between fathers and sons and an evocative portrait of an era of faith, wonder, and violence. A first novel of uncommon wisdom, The Expeditions is confirmation of an extraordinary talent.

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